How to: Use the Product Management Craft Triangle

Sherif Mansour
1 min readMay 19, 2021

My boss, Joff Redfern created this awesome framework for helping you identify different types of product managers: The PM Craft Triangle.

PM Craft Triangle (source)

Since sharing this at a few events and inside Atlassian a common, question I often get asked is how do I run through this framework for me or my team?

Why would I want to do this?

If you are a….

  • Individual contributor product manager: Using the framework to help you discover what kind of PM you are today and where you want to go is really useful. You could also use this framework to build a shared language with your manager to frame opportunities for you to grow into.
  • Manager of product managers: Using the framework can help you if you are looking at building a balanced team or to grow individuals in your team.

Quick guide (12 min)

I recently gave an internal presentation which we’re sharing publicly to help others with this. Here is how to use the product craft triangle for yourself or with your team: