Product engineers

“Doubt I invented the term, but I did use it a lot. As a young discipline we’ve spent a lot of time working out « how » to build software and that’s a big focus in schools still. But once you have the foundations, you need devs who engage with the « why » actively. Engineers who have a thirst for using technologies to leapfrog human/user problems. Those with empathy to reach for magical experiences. That is what defined a product engineer in my books... Bad product engineers cut too many corners but great ones know that minimum loveable products need the right depth to be considered during the build phase.”

Why should product managers care about product engineers?

Characteristics of a product engineer

1. Strong opinions, loosely held

2. Quickly build intuition

3. Bring healthy conflict

4. Wizards at identifying (and minimizing work) on edge-cases

5. An overflowing cup of quick wins

6. Seek early feedback

7. Great communicator

8. Take decisions and own their backlogs

Closing thoughts

Thank you




Turns out building simple product isn’t so simple.

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Sherif Mansour

Sherif Mansour

Turns out building simple product isn’t so simple.

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